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Victorinox Kitchen Set, 7-pcs

Consists of:

1. Carving Fork (item code: 5.2103.15)

2. Paring Knife 8cm, Pointed Tip (item code: 5.0603)

3. Bread Knife 18cm, Wavy Edge (item code: 5.1633.18)

4. Tomato and Table Knife 11cm, Wavy Edge (item code: 5.0833)

5. Spatula Flexible 20cm (item code: 5.2063.20)

6. Potato Peeler (item code: 5.0103)

7. Carving Knife 19cm (item code: 5.1903.19)

**Remarks: image is for illustration purpose only. The logos in the image are not up-to-date**

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